Sandblasting painting process


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We specialize in etching branding, decorative graphics and vivid imagery onto all types of materials including glass, crystal, jade and glass bringing affordable elegance and artistic flair to any surface. Our customers come to us from allindustries including Hotels, Tourism, Manufacturing, Advertising, Urban Landscaping, Industrial Designers, Stone Sculptors, and Home Decorators.
We use world-class crafting technology
We have mastered the use of traditional and advanced heating and glazing techniques and superb carving and etching techniques that preserve the natural contours and overcome the weaknesses of the material, transforming any surface into a dazzling piece of art.
We use premium materials
We use premium glass, crystal and jade materials and have a deep appreciation and understanding of the materials characteristics including transmittance and refractive index and use environmentally friendly glazing materials.
We celebrate color and culture
We stay true to your culture when selecting color palettes and have experience in blending colors including traditional Chinese painting techniques and our careful consideration of color and the affects of lighting ensures that surface stays vibrant and stands the test of time.



Business philosophy of the company

Austa is an international decorative etching and sandblasting company and we bring merchandise and urban landscapes to life using advanced sandblasting technology on an industrial scale. We are proud of our in-house research and development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities and our professional industrial and graphic designers are passionate about infusing personalized artwork into every item and bringing your vision to life.



Austa Trading Company